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My goal with Envious Media was to properly rebrand their visual identity. Formerly Envious Media Group, this Philadelphia-based media company approached me to help them encompass their brand's essence within a minimalist but powerful icon. As you can see, it ended up working out well. The icon represents two checkered flags, but in place of embroidered fabric, you have two strips of cut film.

Brad Abrams is a visionary in every use of the word. He takes an idea and turns it into a visual masterpiece. He's a videographer, director, producer, editor, sound engineer...really everything you need when it comes to bringing your brand to life. He specializes in capturing the perfectly crafted lines of exotic autos, but can just as easily pivot to showcasing
a construction company's heavy machinery. This company is going places and I for one recommend you check out their work here.

© Envious Media Group LLC 2022

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