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This logo was design by Rian Hughes, and has been used for more than half a dozen James Bond printed series. along with three trade paperback collections, (One currently being designed), and another half a dozen 48-page One Shot comics from Dynamite Entertainment. I had the privilege of designing the inside cover layout, as well as the "007"featured below, and also assisting on the front cover layout design for thefront covers of
"James Bond: Felix Leiter" adaptation. 

(Note: I did not create the above James Bond 007 logo)

Above: Front Inside Cover, or "FIC" to Felix Leiter #1


Above: Covers to Felix Leiter #1, including a few variants (Cover art by Mike Perkins and Sketches by Aaron Campbell)


Above: Cover Spread to James Bond: Hammerhead hardcover (Art by Francesco Francavilla and Luca Casalanguida)

Below: Interior Designs


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