The world needs more attorneys fighting the good fight. This brand identity represents one of them.

I was approached by Meredith Kaufman, an employment attorney working for a firm out of NYC. She was in the midst of planning her exit to start her own firm and decided to request my brand design services. After a quick initial call, I knew that this was going to be a fun project. She wanted simplicity, clean lines, no more than two colors, and the ability to extract a meaningful icon from her full logo.

This mark doubles as both the letter K and a bird in takeoff position.


​Kaufman Law Firm PLLC advocates for employee rights and helps companies comply with workplace laws.
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"Geoff was the perfect choice for my first logo. 
He was easy to work with, listened carefully and delivered a strong, clean design - exactly what I wanted. What impressed me most was that Geoff was just as invested in the final outcome as I was. 
I look forward to working with him more in the future! "

- Meredith Kaufman, ESQ.


Kaufman Law Firm PLLC