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The same day we launched the Kaufman Law brand, I was approached by Altagracia Pierre-Outerbridge, who had been directly referred by Meredith Kaufman herself. Altagracia was in the middle of opening her own practice and reached out to me to build her a visual identity not unlike Kaufman Law.

This mark doubles as both a bridge and the Letter "O". The unusual use of negative space should prove interesting as we see it printed and displayed digitally as the collateral continues to roll out on this one.


At Outerbridge Law P.C., in New York City, we represent local clients in multiple areas of law affecting their personal and business concerns. With 12 years of experience handling real estate transactions and litigating disputes, we have the knowledge and background needed to assist buyers, sellers, tenants and landlords with their legal needs.  We are also well-versed in immigration law, helping people secure the right to live and work in the U.S. and to defend themselves against government enforcement actions. If you are involved in a real estate transaction, renting or leasing property or are a foreign national seeking to lawfully immigrate to the United States for family, work or safety reasons, we can provide dedicated and capable legal support.

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